3 simple steps for product promotion

Traditional marketing techniques

The traditional approach to selling products was to apply marketing and advertising techniques that disrupt the customer, challenging the way they think about that product and promoting the advantages it might bring. This technique would be applied as a result of either creating a new product or redesigning an existing one to meet the needs of that customer. Marketing and advertising campaigns would hinge on the product and how it provided benefits to the customer. But marketing techniques have changed.

Over-marketing has had it’s day

Regardless of what you’re selling, customers are way more product-savvy and technologically capable these days with the ability to fact find and evaluate at a moments notice. They are also bombarded with marketing from the moment they flick on their phone, tablet or PC, and many simply don’t want to be marketed to any more. That is, unless they’re being marketed to with relevant, helpful and timely product content which is released on the right channel for them. Of course, this is where understanding your customer is central to the success of any campaign, but businesses must also consider the following critical points:

  • What is your value proposition - why is the product is valuable to the customer?
  • How will you communicate that value - what will you say and how you say it?
  • Which channels will you use to go to market - where will you say it?
Inbound marketing techniques

Technology and the availability of information have changed the way customers think, how they evaluate and how they make a purchase. In response to this, marketers and their techniques have also changed. Well, some have. Rather than ‘disrupt’ a potential customer by pushing a product under their nose via a leaflet or advertising, the modern approach is to provide a helpful resource with valuable, useful content. This content might help a customer experience a ‘eureka’ moment by guiding them to a conclusion, helping them discover that your product is actually the most suitable one for them.

By creating a relevant and beneficial digital resource where those searching for answers in an area where your business operates, companies can generate a loyal following where customers can be gained and reputation built. Activating those resources requires a mix of strategic and tactical marketing blended with creative and copywriting skills. Of course, the whole thing only works if you've identified the customer need, developed a great product, then nailed your marketing mix (the four P’s).

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